Yep. This is all the places I call "home"

Prime example of my "wild homebody" side. Whether it's across the country, on a mountain, in the big city, or snuggled up with my boys, my heart is at HOME. 

My life of loving to travel, yet knowing how good it feels to be home with my family (I'm talkin' sitting on the couch with some pizza and watching the show you always watch when you're sitting on the couch with some pizza) has taught me quite a bit. Overall it's taught me presence. Every. Single. Moment. Matters. I know it's cheesy to say, but you have to live life to the fullest and soak up every fun, hard, boring, and wild moment along the way.


florida native

Or more technically Ambivert. 

more questions?

Basically I can more easily tap into my extroverted or introverted side depending on my surroundings. How is this helpful? Well, when my kids or pup need someone to play with I can rev it up and delve into play time. Or when my husband has had a hard day and just needs someone to talk to, I can be that listening ear. I wasn't always like this though!

I spent a majority of my life socially terrified and down right introverted - only a bit outgoing around small groups. Then God started throwing some crazy opportunities and friends into the mix to challenge my timidness. Along the way I gained some bravery (and a whole lotta faith) and slowly each big, scary step got a little bit easier. Then - ya know as a 23 year old single mom - I decided to quit my ONE stable job to take photography full time...and get an apartment...during slow season. 


That crazy jump into the deep end fueled the Haley you see today! Now a wife, mama to two boys, goldendoodle cuddler, worship leader (on occasion), and full time photo lady. 

So, if you want a photographer who can either calm down your wedding day nerves or hype up the wedding party. Hi hello it's me! Or maybe you want a photographer who can help wrangle the kiddos for family photos, but keep things fun for everyone. Hello again! Or shoot, maybe you just need a friend. I'd love to serve you and help out however I can!

the outgoing introvert

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